• Monday - Friday  7:05am - 2:10pm


    2410 Shiloh Road, Snellville, GA


    Cappy Douglass, Principal

Shiloh High School Sheild

This is Shiloh

  • Our Mission: 

    Relentlessly pursue high-level teaching and learning with a global perspective for all students and staff.

    Our Vision: 

    Shiloh High School will become a world-class school where Students Acquire a Lifelong Understanding Through Education with a global perspective to excel in college and careers.

    We believe in: 

    • A complete world-class educational program which is consistent with local, state, national and global goals.
    • A safe environment that promotes academic, personal, social and physical excellence
    • The Shiloh community’s shared responsibility for educational advancement
    • Respect for personal and cultural diversity
    • Instruction and curriculum which include a variety of activities because students are unique individuals with different learning styles
    • Students being actively engaged in meaningful learning in order to become productive citizens



    • We value integrity, honesty, and excellence in all we do.
    • We value high academic standards for all.
    • We are accountable for our own actions.
    • We respect ourselves and others.
    • We are responsible for our own learning.
    • We maintain a safe school.



    We love you dear Shiloh High. It's a name we're proud to bear.
    As we spend our days of learning here we'll strive and dare to care.
    In your halls we've gained a source of pride for all the world to see
    To Shiloh High of Gwinnett, we ever true will be.
    With pride and spirit we reflect on days at Shiloh High.
    Where we grow in wisdom and in knowledge as our days go by.
    We learn to reach and strive to grow to all that we can be.
    To Shiloh High we proudly hail our love and loyalty.