• Clinic Hours: 7:15 - 2:00 
    Clinic Worker: Sierra Baltimore
    The school provides limited emergency first-aid to students who become ill or suffer injuries at school. The parent/guardian will be called, and the student will be sent home if he/she is too sick to remain at school. No student is to remain at school, if he/she shows evidence of an acute illness, a temperature of > 100 F, or vomiting or diarrhea. 

    The school should be provided with current home, business, and emergency telephone numbers so that parents/guardian may be contacted if necessary. If numbers should change during the school year, please contact the school office. 

    Aspirin, Tylenol, and other non-prescription medication can only be given to students if the medications given to the school clinic are in the original labeled container along with the appropriate form filled out and signed.  (See link the link Medication Administration From at the bottom of this page)  Prescription medications along with the permission forms need to be brought to the clinic promptly. If a student needs to keep a medication with them i.e.: inhalers or epi-pens, we need a letter from a physician stating the necessity of this action. 

    Should it be necessary for a student to have an over the counter medication continuously for an extended period of time (more than two weeks), it will be necessary for the parent/guardian to have a physician complete a request for medication form giving the school permission to administer the medication. In the event that a medication is changed or a dosage is altered, a new form must be completed and an appropriately labeled container provided. All medication not claimed by a parent/guardian at the end of the school year will be discarded. Students cannot transport medication home. 

    After receiving written permission, a staff member may assist the student in taking medications. However, in no event will any representative of the school assure a parent/guardian that anything more than a reasonable effort will be made to assist the student. Neither the school, nor its staff can guarantee that any student will take a particular medication correctly. If there is a medical situation that could be potentially dangerous, please notify the principal’s office immediately. 

    Students who become ill during the school day must go to the clinic prior to checking-out. If a student is too ill to remain at school someone listed on the emergency contact information will be contacted by phone. Students should not use their cell phone during the school day to contact their parents. 

    A. Student reports to the Attendance Office upon arrival on campus. 
    B. Student presents a note from parent. (ONLY formal documentation will be accepted after the 7th check-in.)
    1. The note must have a parent signature, reason, and phone number. 
    2. The time missed will be excused or unexcused based on the criteria listed under “Absences.” 
    C. If the student has no note, he/she will be checked in unexcused. 


    Students should try to schedule appointments for after school. If medical appointments are scheduled, students must present proof of appointment upon their return for this absence to be considered excused. A receipt for services will be sufficient. Students who drive to school are required to present a note at the beginning of the school day so that it may be verified by a parent/guardian listed in the emergency contact information prior to leaving campus.