• Transcripts/Records Requests

  • 2023 Graduates

    Final transcripts for Class of 2023 •	Archer High School does NOT mail, fax, or email transcripts or  school records to any c

    If you are attending a college IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA:	If you are attending college OUT OF STATE: Options:  PAPER COPY   Ord

    Final Transcripts Class of 2023

  • Current AHS Students


    Sending Transcripts In State

    1. Transcripts can be sent for FREE to any GA college electronically via GAFutures

    Both currently enrolled students and previous graduates can send transcripts to in-state schools via GAFutures.

    All areas of the Student “Profile” must be complete with Legal Name (first, middle, last), as well as Social Security#, student ID, & current enrollment status, prior to submitting transcripts!

    • Go to GAfutures
    • Create an account (spell your name the same as in our system) & include your social security number (for HOPE scholarship eligibility purposes)
    • Click on "My High School Transcript" to submit the request

    2. Students can apply to certain schools via Commonapp and request transcripts via Naviance.

    • Instructions are on the Counseling Corner eClass page
    • There is a one-time fee of $5 for all initial & midyear electronic transcript requests. Pay on MyPaymentsPlus.

    Sending Transcripts Out of State

    • Out-of-State transcripts can be sent in various ways. Please refer to the steps below before requesting a transcript. 

      1. Commonapp and Naviance
        • Students can apply on Commonapp and request transcripts on Naviance. 
        • Instructions are on the Counseling Corner eClass page
        • There is a one-time fee of $5 for all initial & midyear electronic transcript requests. Pay on MyPayments Plus.
      2. If the college does not use Commonapp or Naviance, you must order your transcript on MyPaymentsPlus. You can pick it up after 48 hours in the counseling office and mail it to your college. There is a $5 charge per transcript. 

    If you need an unofficial transcript, then you can print out one from your parent portal account (under documents).  

     If you have questions, please contact your counselor.

  • 2022 Graduates

    Final Transcripts. Order on MPP or Send thru GAFutures after June 13.

  • 2020 & 2021 AHS Graduates


    • You can send transcripts to in-state colleges by logging into your GAFutures account.
    • All areas of the Student “Profile” must be complete prior to submitting transcripts! Must include:
      • Legal Name (first, middle, last)
      • Social Security#
      • Student ID
      • Current Enrollment Status 
    • Your Social Securtiy number must also be on file at Archer.


    1. Call Archer High School, 678-407-7709, between 8am-2pm, Monday-Thursday.
    2. Allow 24 hours for request to be processed.
    3. Transcript is $5 cash only, exact change.
    4. When arriving at school, please ring door bell at the front doors for assistance.
    5. To pick-up trancripts, you will need a picture ID:
      1. Students: Will need a picture I.D. to pick-up.
      2. Parents: If you are picking up for your student and they are over 18 years old, you will need a copy of the student's picture ID and a letter written by the student allowing you permission to pick-up transcript. 


    • A copy of your final transcript/report card will be mailed home. This can be used as an unofficial transcript.
    • You may also print out one from your parent portal account.

  • 2009-2019 AHS Graduates

    Student who graduated in 2009-2019, your records have been moved to GCPS RecordsDeptartment.   You will need to contact GCPS Record Department to obtain any school records.

    Click here to order a transcript

    GCPS Records - 678-301-6144