• Comet Student Leaders 

    Our Peer Leadership Program  is a peer-to-peer educational program designed to steer middle school students toward healthy life choices.  In the fall, eighth grade student leaders receive training in group facilitation, public speaking, teamwork, and leadership techniques. In December, Peer Leaders begin meeting with sixth students on a monthly basis, presenting programs on a variety of topics, such as tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and diversity/respecting differences. They also meet with 7th graders to train them on transitioning to 8th grade leaders. Peer Leaders also assist with sixth grade transition activities, eighth grade transition activities. All of our peer leaders assist with several other activities that our school has that showcases the excellence of SMS.


    Our purpose:

    The rationale for youth leadership development is threefold: n

    •  to provide opportunities for students with leadership potential to develop, refine, and practice those skills 
    •  to enable students to experience their power to effect change by exercising leadership in their environment through formal and informal interventions 
    •  to create future societal leaders


    Comet Student Leaders 

    • Peer Leaders will have multiple responsibilities at Snellville Middle School, including:  “Meet and Greet”-help with orientation for new students in the middle school by giving tours, assisting with lockers and helping students who are new to the middle school feel welcome.  
    • Promote messages of respect and reinforcing middle school expectations.
    • Mentoring a small group of 6th grade students throughout the school year.


    Our Comet Leader: 

    • 6th grade: Comet Buddies 
    • 7th grade: Comet Stars
    • 8th grade: Comet Leaders