• Clubs and Activities!

    Spring 2024

    Dates: January 24, 31, February 7, 21, 28, March 13, 20, 27 (no clubs on Feb. 14th due to break starting the next day or March 6 due to early release)

    Times: 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

    Cost: $40

    Behavior Expectations: Students will be asked to follow all school and school system guidelines and rules.  If a student is not able to comply with these rules he/she will be withdrawn from the program.  No refunds are given for students asked to leave the program for inappropriate behavior.

    Transportation: In signing your student up for a program, you agree to pick up your student at 4:00pm. Students will be withdrawn from the program if they cannot be picked up on time. Specific pick up locations are shown below. The full dismissal procedures and pick up locations can be found here.

    RegistrationRegistration for spring clubs is now closed.

    Check out the club descriptions below or the full flyer linked here.

    If you have any questions please contact Sonya J. Lacy at sonya.lacy@gcpsk12.org or Shelby Talley at shelby.talley@gcpsk12.org.  You may also call the school at (678) 344-6100.

  • Dismissal Locations

    Car Rider Lane: Lego Club, Game Club, Cupcake Decorating Club

    Left Bus Lane: Crochet Kids, Volleyball Club, Fearlessly Girl Club

    Middle Bus Lane: Starling Cheer Club, Strategy/Logic Games, Yearbook Club

    Right Bus Lane: Sign Language Club, Podcast Club, Jr. Reading Coaches

  • Crochet Kids Club

    Want to learn how to crochet? In this club, you will learn the basics of how to crochet. We will learn how to create squares, rectangles, and circles. From these skills, you can learn to crochet many things. Come join us and see where these skills could take you!

    Grades: 4-5  Class size: 15

    Sponsor: Brianna Stewart

    Location: Ms. Stewart’s Classroom (1.203)

  • Cupcake Decorating Club

    Do you love decorating cupcakes? This club provides students with hands-on experience in creating their own edible art! Students will learn how to pipe frosting on a cupcake and decorate using simple designs. They will also become familiar with all of the necessary tools needed to properly decorate cupcakes and cakes.

    Grades: K-5  

    Class Size: 15

    Sponsor: Sabrina Callis and Natalie Froelich

    Location: Mrs. Callis’ Classroom (1.202)

  • Fearless Girl Club

    Hello, My Fearless Friends! Are you looking for creative and engaging ways to empower your girls? You're in the right place! In today's world, building confidence, leadership, resilience, kindness, and self-esteem in young women is more important than ever. Your student will participate in eight fun and engaging empowerment activities to inspire, uplift, and encourage girls to embrace their unique selves and unlock their full potential.

    Grades: 4-5 (GIRLS)

    Class Size: 15

    Sponsors: Aquarius Barnett and Ashley Jensen

    Location: Media Center (1.1.42)

  • Game Club

    This club provides students with an opportunity to learn and explore a variety of board games. Students will be able to work together on teamwork and cooperative skills while playing games. The Game Club will allow students to enhance social skills by playing games with others, meeting new friends, collaborating in groups, playing fairly, and having FUN!

    Grades: K-2

    Class size 15

    Sponsors: Leyann Nicholson and Katrina Brooks

    Location: Ms. Brook’s Classroom (1.268)

  • Jr. Reading Coaches Club

    Jr. Reading Coaches will be equipped with strategies designed to help them support other students in improving their reading and spelling abilities. During the school day the JRC will support their assigned student(s) with increasing their reading fluency in the following areas: letter recognition, word recognition and independent reading.

    Grades: 2-5  

    Class size 21

    Sponsors: Devonya Prather

    Location: Professional Development Room in Media Center (1.144)

  • Lego Club

    The Lego Club follows the 4C’s of Lego Company- Connect, Construct, Contemplate, and Continue.  Students will be introduced to a theme through a variety of resources and brainstorming ideas/concepts related to the theme, using new and prior knowledge.  They will then use their creative imaginations to create structures related to the themes.  There will be a culminating activity for each theme, affording students the opportunity to share and explain their work to others in the group.

    Grades: K-2 

    Class size: 20

    Sponsor: Lelania Watkins and Shanta Patterson

    Location: Mrs. Witmer's Art Room (1.122)

  • Podcast Club

    Students create and publish original podcasts with partners, ultimately establishing a series of episodes, cover art, and voice, about a chosen topic.

    Grades: 3-5

    Class Size: 16

    Sponsors: LaToya Burse and Rebecca Fritzinger

    Location: Mrs. Burse’s STEM Lab (1.124)

  • Sign Language Club

    We would love the opportunity to teach your child(ren) an introductory session in Sign Language. During our time, we will learn the alphabet, greetings and light conversations. At the end of the club, I would like to have a song for the students to sign to showcase what they learned!

    Grades: 3-5

    Class Size: 15

    Sponsors: Tracy Mingo and Raquel Newton

    Location: Ms. Mingo’s Classroom (1.313)

  • Starling Cheer Club

    Starling Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to build their stamina in fitness, while also motivating our school and community to reach its fullest  potential in all aspects of Grayson Team Spirit. Go Rams!

    Grades: 4-5 

    Class size: 22

    Sponsors: Whitney Williams and Breana Walters

    Location: Activities Room

  • Strategy/Logic Games Club

    Students will participate in logic puzzles and games in order to strengthen their problem-solving skills. They will explore games such as SET, Master Mind, Battleship, Yahtzee, Mancala, and more.

    Grades: 4-5 Class size: 20

    Sponsors: Maria Butler and Jennifer Barnes

    Location: Mrs. Butler’s Room (1.321)

  • Volleyball Club

    Calling all volleyball enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to try volleyball? Well, now you can! We are looking for any boys and girls that are interested in learning more about the sport. Let's Bump, Set, & Spike!

    Grades: 4-5  

    Class Size: 20

    Sponsor:  Pharah Truesdale and Tomesha Evans

    Location: Gym

  • Yearbook Club

    This club will give students a hands-on experience within different aspects of the yearbook creation process.  Students will assist in creating ads, editing layouts, proofreading designs, and more.

    Grades: 4-5

    Class Size: 8

    Sponsor: Sakeena Cary

    Location: Mrs. Cary's Classroom