Georgia Milestones

  • The Georgia Milestones is a comprehensive summative assessment program spanning grades 3 through high school. The Milestones measures how well students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the content standards in the core content areas.  It is designed to provide information about student achievement and readiness to move on to the next level of learning. At White Oak we administer the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessments to students in grades 3-5 to measure achievement in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science (Grade 5 only). Testing will be administered over three to five days, depending on the grade level.  See the testing calendar for specifics.  

    For additional information, see the GMAS Parent Question and Answer,  Georgia Milestones ​Parent Q & A,  or Georgia Milestones Parent Q & A (Spanish)


    Tips to Help Prepare Your Students For Successful Testing Days

    • Get plenty of rest the night before.
    • Eat a nutritious breakfast before the test. Avoid high-sugar foods.

    • Wear comfortable clothes.

    • Arrive to school on time. You will feel more relaxed if you’re not rushed, so wake up a few minutes early.

    • Relax. You’ll do better if you don’t worry. Try to remember that the results of tests help your teachers plan for your education. It’s your time to “show what you know.”


    If you are “stressed out” about your test, here are four stress-busting strategies:

    1. Slow down and relax;

    2. Take slow, deep breaths;

    3. Close your eyes and think positive thoughts; and

    4. Take a moment to prepare for the test. Be sure you have sharp pencils, a good eraser, and blank scratch paper.


    For more grade level specific information, see parent flyers below:

    3rd Grade Parent Flyer

    4th Grade Parent Flyer

    5th Grade Parent Flyer

  • Experience Online Testing Georgia

    The Georgia Milestones tests measure what students in grades 3 through high school have learned. Many students will take the tests online.

    This practice site lets students see what testing online is like. Parents and educators are welcome to try it too. The items on the demonstration tests are general and are organized into three grade bands:

    • Grades 3–5
    • Grades 6–8
    • High School Content Areas

    The items do not necessarily represent the specific grade-level content that students learn daily in their classrooms. The primary purpose is to let students experience, firsthand, the functionality of the online testing platform. The sample tests are not graded.

    Technical documentation, tutorials, and a link to your online experience can be found at the following link: Experience Online Testing Georgia

  • End of Grade Study/Resources Guide

    The study/resource guides are intended to serve as a resource for parents and students.
    They contain practice questions and learning activities for each content area.
    The standards identified in the study/resource guides address a sampling of the state-mandated content standards. 

    2022-2023 Study/Resource Guides​

    Grade 3 | Grade ​4 | Grade 5 |

  • End of Grade Assessment Guides

    The assessment guides are provided to acquaint Georgia educators and other stakeholders with the structure and content assessed on the End of Grade (EOG) measures. These guides are not intended to substitute for the state-adopted content standards. The guides are a supplemental resource and are provided to complement, not replace, other instructional resources developed by the local school district or the example resources provided by the Curriculum and Instruction Division of the Georgia Department of Education. In principle, the EOG Assessment Guides are intended to be descriptive of the assessment program and should not be considered all-inclusive.

    End of Grade Assessment Guides

  • Georgia Milestones Test Blueprints

    The test blueprints are designed to communicate the structure of the Georgia Milestones measures. The blueprints outline the types of items students will encounter on each grade and content area/course test, as well as the number of items and number of points possible (for those tests which include constructed-response items). The blueprints also outline the domains, which are reporting categories, and the associated content standards. The approximate percentage of points allocated to each domain is provided.

    Georgia Milestones Test Blueprints

  • Milestones Testing Graphic