• Student Registration


    Special Education Students currently enrolled in a Gwinnett County Public School:

    Enrollment at Oakland Meadow School is determined by the IEP committee.  Oakland Meadow School is a separate school within Gwinnett County Public Schools. 

    Students enrolling at Oakland Meadow School for the Medically Fragile/SID PID Program or EBD/MOID/ASD Program are typically registered at their local school initially.  Once an IEP team has determined placement at Oakland Meadow School, parents/guardians can make an appointment with the Student Data Management Clerk.  Parents/Guardians will need to bring a withdrawal form from their previous school to this appointment.  

    Medically Fragile/SID PID Students:

    If a student is being enrolled at Oakland Meadow School as their home school, parents/guardians will need to bring the following information to their enrollment appointment:

    • An official document showing proof of birth date
    • Proof of residency
    • A valid Georgia certificate of immunization (GA Form #3231)
    • Evidence of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening (GA Form #3300-Rev. 2013) 
    • A photo ID for the adult registering the child
    • Proof of authorized person to enroll
    • Child’s social security number (or you may sign a waiver at the school)