• Educational Effectiveness Survey for Families: Results Now Available!

    We value your feedback! The results of the recent Educational Effectiveness Survey for Families are now available. This survey helps us understand your perspective on our school, including:

    • School climate and culture
    • Student engagement and learning
    • Communication and collaboration between families and school
    • Areas for improvement and future initiatives

    We encourage you to review the results and learn more about how your feedback is being used to continuously improve the educational experience for all students.

    Here's what you can find:

    • Summary of key findings: Get a quick overview of the overall results.

    Stay informed and involved:

    • Connect with us: Share your thoughts and questions at [insert contact information].

    Thank you for your continued partnership in creating a successful learning environment for all.

    Click here for the family survey results

  • 2023-2024 Title I Documents 

  • Family and Community Engagement

    Our goals, as we partner with you are to:

    •establish expectations for meaningful and effective family engagement
    •strengthen the academic achievement of our students by engaging and supporting our families in the education of their children

    Watch the video for the District Family and Engagement Plan to learn how families and community can work together with the district to support student learning. 


    Plan De Participación Familiar Y Comunitario

    En colaboración con ustedes, nuestras metas son:
    • Establecer expectativas para una participación familiar significativa y efectiva
    • Consolidar los logros académicos de nuestros alumnos al involucrar y apoyar a nuestras familias en la educación de sus niños

    Vea el video del Plan de Participación y Familia del Distrito para aprender cómo las familias y la comunidad pueden trabajar junto con el distrito para apoyar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. 



  • The Plan/The Promise 2023 - 2024 el Plan/la Promesa 2023- 2024 documents are on My Payments Plus. Please log into your account to view and accept the documents.

    Click here to watch video directions in English.

    Haga clic  aquí para ver instrucciones en video en español.


  • Parents Right to Know:

    Parents have the right to request information about the degree and qualifications of their child’s teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s), if applicable. Please refer to the GCPS Student-Parent Handbook or contact your school’s principal for more information.

    ­­­­­­Los padres tienen derecho a solicitar información sobre el título y las calificaciones del maestro(s) y paraprofessional(es) de su hijo, si corresponde. Consulte el Manual para Padres y Estudiantes de GCPS o comuníquese con el Director de su escuela para obtener más información.

    Parent Center Information/Información del Centro para Padres:

    Kyla Ramsey, PIC
    Parent Instructional Coordinator / Coordinador de Instrucción para Padres

    Marcelo Rodriguez
    Parent Liaison / Enlace de Padres

    Parent Center Location/Centro de Padres
    Location: Room 2.1.101
    Ubicación: Sala 2.1.101
    Hours: Monday-Friday (7:40 AM – 3:30 PM)
    Ahora: Lunes-Viernes (7:40 AM – 3:30 PM)

    Paper copies of the Rockbridge Elementary School's School-wide plan are available in the following locations at Rockbridge Elementary’s Parent Center and front desk. If you have any questions about the documents, including the schoolwide plan, please contact Kyla Ramsey.

    Las copias impresas del plan para toda la escuela de la Escuela Primaria Rockbridge están disponibles en las siguientes ubicaciones en el Centro de Padres de la Primaria Rockbridge y en la recepción. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre los documentos, incluido el plan escolar, comuníquese con Kyla Ramsey.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.