Welcome Potential Phoenix High School Students!

    STEP ONE: To enroll as a full-time student at Phoenix High School, please request a registration appointment HERE.

    STEP TWO: Carefully read the information found in our "Preparing for Your Registration Appointment" brochure below.

    STEP THREE: Follow the instructions in the "Preparing for Your Registration Appointment" brochure carefully - including viewing the orientation video found in the brochure, completing the orientation sign-off found in the brochure, and following the steps to prepare for your registration appointment.  **One note - if you are requesting a registration appointment during the summer, please do not withdraw from your current school until after the first week of June OR until after summer school ends (for those enrolled in a summer school program).

  • Orientation Video & Sign off

    Once you have signed up for a registration appointment and read all of the steps in the "Preparing for Your Registration Appointment" brochure, please:

    View the Orientation Video

    Complete the Orientation Video Sign Off

  • What do I need to bring to my registration appointment at Phoenix High School?

    • A copy of student's school records (transcript, immunization, HVD, discipline records).
    • Proof of Gwinnett County residency (two forms required: a current utility bill and a lease agreement, property tax bill, etc.).
    • A withdrawal form from the last schools attended (if withdrawn) or a letter of intent to withdraw signed by school counselor/administrator.  Please do NOT withdraw from your school until the first week of June if you schedule a summer registration appointment.
    • If a student is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the student.  All students must attend their registration appointment.

  • Can I attend Phoenix if I am currently suspended from another high school?

    Students, if you are currently attending an alternative school or serving a suspension from another school, you may not register for orientation while attending the alternative school or serving a suspension. Gwinnett County Board of Education Rules apply if you are suspended from school. During the term of suspension from Gwinnett County Schools you are NOT ALLOWED on any Gwinnett County School property or at any school-sponsored event.

  • What is considered a Full-time student at Phoenix High School?

    Phoenix is the school that you wish to attend full time and you are not a 7th period student.  In other words, you will only be enrolled at Phoenix High School and you will take all of your courses with us.