•                                                         Magill Elementary                                                            Summative Assessment Retest Policy

    While we always offer reteaching opportunities, students can only retest for two local school summative assessments (tests) per semester per core subject content area if they score below 70 percent. The higher grade will be entered in the grade book. 


    Teachers reserve the right to change the format of any summative assessment that is being redone to test for mastery of the grade level standards or Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS).


    Any student is eligible to request another attempt at mastery.

    • A parent or student must make the request upon receipt of the graded test.

    • The window of opportunity to reattempt mastery closes after 5 school days once the family receives a graded assessment.

    • The teacher is not responsible for initiating a re-attempt.

    • The student must complete the reattempt of the summative assessment by the assigned date.

    • Reassessments do not roll over to the next semester.

    • Reassessments will not be given in the last two weeks of a semester.


    The student will retake the test during the school day at a time determined by the teacher, which may include during recess/study hall or other times during the school day the teacher deems appropriate.

    All requests for a reattempt must be accompanied by a completed Summative Assessment Retest Request Form, which outlines what a student has done to prepare for the reassessment with support from the family.  Click below to get the Summative Assessment Retest Request Form.

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