Message from the Principal, Shiloh High School

  • As the proud principal of Shiloh High School. I welcome you to the home of the Generals- where we relentlessly pursue high-level teaching and learning for all students and staff.  Ass one of the most unique high schools in Gwinnett County, Shiloh is nestled in a community of parents, students and staff grounded in Pride, Commitment and Excellence.


    As one of the smallest(yet proudest) high schools in Gwinnett, Shiloh houses over 2200 mighty Generals.  The vision for Shiloh High School is to become a world-class school where students lead with a global perspective to be successful in college and careers.  To achieve this vision, Shiloh has become one of only two World IB high schools within the district.  Students have the opportunity to earn an International Baccalaureate diploma when they enter the IB Programme.  Students may have the diploma program during their junior year.


    In addition to the IB Programme, AP and Dual Enrollment programs, students gain a vast array of experiences through the Academy programs.  The four academies at Shiloh include the 9th grade academy where our newest generals receive the needed supports to transition into high school.  Upon leaving 9th grade, students select pathways leading to one of three other academies-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); Business, Arts, and Media (BAM);  Wellness, Health, and Education (WHE).  The academies expose students to careers and allow them to receive real-life training.  WHE students get to participate in the only CVS mock pharmacy located in the Southeast.  As you can see, at Shiloh we are dedicated to our students having the opportunity to be successful in their chosen fields, whether in college or careers.

    With a dedicated staff who’re here to serve the community, we thank you for visiting the site and invite you to the many events that will be held at the school.  As we continue to relentlessly pursue high-levels of teaching and learning, we invite you to join us in the success of Shiloh.


    Remember, It’s always a great day to be a General.  I love you. I love Shiloh.


    Generals Sulute

    Dr.  Danyel Dollard