• Mission Statement

    Our primary mission: To provide resources to meet academic needs, promote enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading, as well as support Gwinnett County's Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) through literature, research, and collaboration. We support 21st century learning that helps develop literacy skills and lifelong learning.

  • Media Center Hours

    Our Media Center operates on a flexible schedule and is open for students to come individually or as a class with their Language Arts classes, as they are scheduled to come for check-out. 

    Student hours: 8:50am - 3:55pm

    Staff hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm.

  • Check-Out Policy

    • Students are welcome to use the Media Center for research of class assignments;
    • Students may check out three (3) books for three (3) weeks;
    • Students are responsible for books and materials checked out in their name;
    • Any overdue items must be returned before a student can check out another item;
    • If a student wishes to hold a book they must complete the request in Destiny, while logged in to their own account.
    • Lost books fines must be paid before a student may check out another book.
      • $20.00 Hardback
      • $10.00 Paperback
    • Students who return damaged items will be assessed a fee relative to the amount or type of damage. If the book is unusable, then the replacement cost will prevail.

  • Computer Usage and Printing

    • All computer use should follow the Internet Safety and Network Acceptable Use Policy of the Gwinnett County Public School District.
    • No games are allowed on the Media Center computers.
    • Failure to follow Media Center rules will result in loss of media center privileges.
    • Students should first use the subscription databases for research projects. These are provided by GCPS free of charge for student use.
    • Databases and Library Catalog can be accessed at home through My eClass. Passwords are no longer needed to access these at home.
    • Students may print up to 5 black and white copies, and 1 color copy on the media center printers.

  • Collection Development

    Trickum Middle School actively collects materials that support the Gwinnett County AKS and the Common Core. With that in mind, we also select materials that support our diverse student population with a variety of reading interests, levels, and tastes. Our areas of the collection encompass a wide variety of grade levels:

    • Upper Elementary

    • Middle Grade (grades 4-8)

    • Young Adult  (grades 8-10)

    The following genres and materials can be found in the media center:

    • Fiction by Genre

      • Adventure

      • Classics, Short Stories, Verse Novels

      • Fantasy

      • Historical Fiction

      • Horror

      • Humor

      • Mystery

      • Realistic

      • Romance

      • Science Fiction

      • Sports

    • Graphic Novels and Manga

    • Nonfiction

    • Narrative

    • Bilingual