• Yearbooks

    Buy a school yearbook today.  To purchase a yearbook, please visit the website below.

    Treering Yearbook Company*

    *You will need to create an account in order to place a yearbook order. 

    Submitting Photos:

    We want to include as many photos of your children as possible.

    Ways to share your photos!

    1. Email photos to yearbook.parsons@gmail.com

    2. Upload photos using Treering

    What to include

    • Use high-resolution photos

      • Kids “in action”

      • Group shots of 3 or more children in classrooms or hallways, candids, field trips, field day, and happy faces during celebrations and performances are all needed by the yearbook committee

    • Please title your email or photos using the following: children’s name(if known), grade level, event. EXAMPLE: JaneJones.1st.MovieUnderStars

      • If a large group picture, please add grade (if relevant) and event only