• School Hours

    8:50 am - 3:20 pm

    Student arrival is 8:20 - 8:45 at the car rider line on the side of the school located on Pop Johnson Road. Parents must enter the car rider lane and may not park their cars to walk their students into the school building unless they have an appointment for a meeting.

    If students arrive later than 8:50 AM, a parent must walk the student into the school building and check them in using our computer system.

    No checkouts are allowed after 2:30 PM this year.

  • Arrival

    Students should not arrive at school before 8:20 AM. Students may enter the building at 8:20 AM. Prior to that time, the staff may be involved in planning meetings and will not available to supervise early arrivals.

    Instruction for the day begins at 8:50 AM. 

    ​Students who are car riders can be dropped off from 8:20 AM until 8:45 AM in the car rider lane located on Pop Johnson Road. 

    If students arrive later than 8:50 AM, a parent must walk the student into the school building and check them in using our computer system.

  • Late Arrivals

    Students who arrive past our 8:50 AM starting time are considered tardy. Parents must accompany their child to the office and sign them in using our computer system. Parents will be contacted if students are frequently tardy.

  • Early Check-out of Students

    We are very concerned about the safety of all of the children here at Lilburn Elementary. All visitors will be required to show photo ID through our Visitor Management System (buzz in) before entering our building. For security reasons, only enrolling parents/guardians and individuals listed as emergency contacts by the enrolling parent will be permitted to check out a student after showing their photo I.D. (i.e.: Driver's License, State Issued ID, or Passport) prior to having a child released to exit the building with him/her. There is no student check-out after 2:30 PM.

  • Dismissal

    All students are dismissed at 3:20 p.m. Parent vehicular traffic is routed to the side of the building both in the morning and afternoon. Due to the traffic congestion, you are encouraged to use the bus in lieu of providing individual transportation. Cars are not permitted in the bus lanes between 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. No checkouts can occur after 2:30 p.m.

  • Attendance

    The staff of Lilburn Elementary School encourages parents and students to make prompt and consistent attendance at school a priority. Attendance is extremely important to a successful school experience for your child. In the event of excessive absence or tardiness, the classroom teacher will send a note to the parents and /or place a phone call. The social worker may contact parents if such problems continue. Parents are required to send a note explaining the reason for your child's absence from school. The following reasons for absences are valid:

    • For personal illness
    • For a death or serious illness in the immediate family
    • For recognized religious holidays observed by your faith
    • For absences mandated by order of governmental agencies
    • For conditions which render school attendance impossible or hazardous to health and safety.
    • For each absence, a note explaining the absence must be brought to school on the following day.
    • Please note that vacations are NOT excused absences. Students who are away from school for 10 consecutive days (unexcused absences) will be withdrawn from school. Upon return, parents can re-enroll students, but placement in previous classroom cannot be guaranteed.

  • Behavior Expectations

    Please check out the link to the PBIS page that explains the expectations and rewards we follow here at Lilburn ES.

  • Car Rider Procedures


    As a result of a recent safety audit provided by the county’s Safety and Security Office, we have updated our safety plan to include the following to the car rider procedures:

    • Parents will not enter campus for drop off prior to 8:20 am
    • Parents will not enter campus for pick up prior to 3:20 pm
    • Parents visiting our campus should always sign in and receive a visitors’ pass.
    • I agree to turn off my car engine in the car rider lane if I arrive before 8:20 am or 3:20pm.
    • I agree not to use a cell phone during drop off or pick up.
    • I agree to drop my child off in the designated car rider area.
    • I agree not to drop off my child before 8:20am.
    • I understand that the car rider lane will close at 8:45 am. I realize this means that the car rider area doors are to be closed and locked at 8:50 am each morning. I agree to park in the side lot and walk my child to the front office if I arrive after 8:50 am.
    • I understand that students arriving at school at 8:20am are tardy and must be signed in by a parent.
    • I agree to have my car rider number (the actual card) issued by the school when picking up my child in the car rider lane. If I do not have my tag, I will park in the side parking lot and walk to the front office to show my ID to pick up my child.
    • I understand that dismissal begins at 3:20 pm and ends at 3:35 pm. If I am late, I agree to pick up my child in the front office and sign him/her out, showing my ID.

    Please Note: It is confusing to young children to alternate between daycare, parent pick-up and buses. Your child is more confident with a dependable routine.


    It will also be permissible for a parent or guardian to FAX a note to the school office. Our FAX number is (770) 931-5627.

    VERBAL PERMISSION WILL NO LONGER BE GRANTED IN ORDER TO ENSURE THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF YOUR CHILD. IN THE ABSENCE OF A NOTE FROM YOU, YOUR CHILD WILL BE PLACED ON HIS/HER USUAL MODE OF TRANSPORTATION. Because the safety of your child is our primary concern, our office staff may check the locator card or ask you to provide identification.

  • Messages to Teachers

    Calls will be received by the school between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Messages will be taken for teachers to return calls. Instructional times cannot be interrupted for incoming calls to teachers.

  • Visitation

    We welcome and encourage parents to visit the school. For your child's security, ALL parents and visitors are required, by county policy, to sign the Visitor's Register in the front office when entering and leaving the building. You will be issued a visitor's badge which must be worn and visible at all times during your visit. As a courtesy, please notify your child's teacher if you would like to make a classroom visit. Teachers strive to maximize instructional time with students and are unable to confer with parents without an appointment. There will be no lunch visitors this school year due to health risks.