• A Message from Dr. Quinn

  • Dr. Ricardo R. Quinn, Principal
  • Dear Parents of Chesney Elementary School Champions,

    Welcome to Chesney Elementary! We certainly hope this communique finds you prosperous and in good health! We’re so excited to launch into the new school year with you and your child. Success awaits your child at CES!

    Our local school theme for the 23-24 school year remains “Success for Each and Every Champion.” As you know, we are truly committed to excellence for all students. Moreover, we believe that each and every child belongs to the CES family and that each and every child is endowed with unique gifts and talents. In addition, we believe that every single one of our champions can learn. This theme continues to further cement our pledge to ensuring that what happens each and every day in all classrooms results in student success. Our students’ successes, big and small, are the essential keys that open pathways to a brighter future. At its heart, “Success for Each and Every Champion” is cemented in the collective talents, empathy, equity, will, passion, and dedication of all CES staff members. Regardless of our ages, backgrounds, or status, we are partners in the “Success for Each and Every Champion” and we (school and families) all are needed to bring it to life at Chesney Elementary School.

    We will continue our success in the 2023-2024 school year by providing each child with new challenges that result in rewarding school experiences. As we provide the best learning opportunities for your child this year, we ask for your support in reviewing the following information:

    • Students should be dropped off in the car rider lane no earlier than 8:20 a.m. There is no adult supervision for students before this time. For the safety of all students, we kindly ask that all cell phone use be discontinued upon entering the car rider lane.
    • Car riders may only be dropped off and picked up at the designated location, which is the side entrance to the school.  Students arriving after 8:50 a.m. must be walked into the building by an adult.
    • There will be no student check-outs after 2:50 p.m. in order to provide a safe and timely dismissal for all students.
    • Changes in afternoon transportation should be made in advance.  Telephone or email requests for changes in student transportation arrangements will not be honored.  Please send a written note with a phone number from the parent or guardian.  The note should be brought to the Front Office by the child to be signed and verified by a school official. If no note is received, the teacher will follow regular transportation procedures for the child.  If a change must occur during the day, you will need to fax the school a written note indicating the change and include a picture copy of your picture ID in the fax.  After you have faxed the note, please call the school to ensure that the fax was received.
    • School dismissal is at 3:20 p.m.  Car riders must be picked up before 3:50 p.m. After this time, car riders will be taken to the Front Office for parent contact.  For the safety of all students, we kindly ask that all cell phone use be discontinued upon entering the car rider lane.
    • The Gwinnett County Public Schools Transportation Department works with local schools to ensure bus safety for all students. To help your child have a successful experience, please review the following information:
    1. Make sure your child knows his/her bus stop location and time of pick-up.
    2. Allow extra time during the first few weeks of school for your child to be dropped off at his/her bus stop. Bus drivers will carefully verify the names of all student bus riders and review bus safety rules.
    3. Gwinnett County Public Schools Transportation Procedure: For student safety, students can only have 1 transportation dismissal tag (bus rider, car rider or day care rider.) If a student has another form of transportation and does not ride the bus EVERY DAY, a written parent note must be provided for each day the student will ride the bus. The student will then receive a bus pass.

    We are truly looking forward to a wonderful school year. To maximize instructional time with your child, teachers check their emails after student dismissal at 3:50 p.m. In the very near future, Chesney will be transitioning to ParentSquare and using it as its main form of communication. More information is forthcoming. On behalf of the Chesney Elementary School faculty and staff, I thank you for trusting us to provide your child with the best education possible. Let’s have a CHAMPIONSHIP year TOGETHER!


    Your proud principal and teammate,

    Dr. Ricardo R. Quinn