• Mission, Vision & Core Beliefs 

    Why do we exist?

    The mission of Chesney Elementary is to develop successful life-long learners and productive citizens by maintaining high expectations for personal responsibility and academic excellence in an environment that fosters the joy of teaching and learning.

    What might we become?

    Chesney Elementary will become a world-class school Committed to Excellence for all Students.

    What statement expresses our goals, principles, and ideals? 

    Our motto at Chesney Elementary School is “Learning and Leading Like Champions.”

    What are our core beliefs?

    We believe that:

    • every child can learn.
    • every child has a special gift or talent and it’s the educator’s and parent’s responsibility to help them discover it.
    • learning should be fun and engaging.
    • it is our job to empower creative thinking.
    • every educator, parent, and child should have high expectations.
    • being positive has significant benefits and is quite contagious.
    • a safe environment is essential to maximize student learning.
    • collaboration and communication are key to supporting our children’s education.
    • every child belongs to the Chesney Elementary family.

    Chesney Crest