CyberMonday should be a National Holiday

Posted by Jonathon Wetherington on 12/1/2019 8:00:00 PM

So, I feel like CyberMonday should be a national holiday! Sadly, it is not, and we are all getting back into the flow again instead of debating whether or not we need that really cool gadget from Amazon. On the bright side, I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving Break, and you were able to make progress towards your life goals. After binge watching football and Jack Ryan, I feel whole!

Speaking of whole, we only have three whole weeks left in the semester.  The next three weeks are going to fly by, and they are going to be great! I hope you never lose sight of how important teachers, parents, and family members are to our students. We all make a huge difference in the lives of our students, and that is a worthy goal! Over the break, I read a blog that tackled the idea of a worthy goal and how we may choose to pursue it (See the blog in blue below).

The uncomfortable combination of effort and acceptance

We have the opportunity to expend the maximum effort on behalf of a worthy goal. And we also have the choice to mindfully accept whatever happens next. Acceptance is a choice in the service of our happiness and the ability to try again tomorrow.

When we detach our emotional state from the results of our effort, we maximize the chances that our effort will be focused and effective. We’re not trying to control the outcome, simply putting our best effort into creating the conditions that lead to the desired outcome.

The opportunity is:

  • to go all in, and
  • to be okay with what happens after that.

The next three weeks offer us the opportunity to do just that….go all in and be okay with the results. Do not be afraid to go all in or give your max to our students because you worry what might not happen. Give it all you got and accept what happens next -- you might be surprised. 

Thank you for trailblazing with us!