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Student Spotlight | Aleah Zafft

The GCPS Caring Award aims to honor two outstanding students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels who have gone above and beyond in embodying the values of empathy, kindness, and community engagement.

Aleah's teachers describe her as a quiet and sweet student who worksZafft well with all other students. In group projects, Aleah always fulfills her own role and responsibilities and makes sure that other’s input is validated. Often teachers will see drama creep up in group projects, but Aleah’s teachers have never seen her start or participate in any. When there is a conflict, Aleah handles herself with grace and patience. She is able to communicate her feelings in a way that helps to resolve the issue while keeping in mind the other person’s side of the story. This takes empathy, which again, is not something in which most middle schoolers are skilled.

As a sixth grader, Aleah began volunteering in the media center in the mornings before school. When asked what she does in the media center, Lanier Middle School Media Specialist, Mr. Ramey replied, “She basically does everything.” Aleah logs in all of the student computers delivers copies to teachers and books to students, assists students with finding books and other resources, and is able to solve issues in the media center for BOTH students and staff. She shows up EVERYDAY to help without being asked or receiving any reward for the work she is doing. Mr. Ramey also points out random encouraging notes that Aleah has left to brighten others’ day when they are in the media center. Sometimes it is post-it notes, sometimes full-sized cards, and sometimes just messages on the whiteboard. Mr. Ramey said, “It is a million things that she does that show empathy and kindness and provides evidence of her commitment to our school.”

Congratulations Aleah! Your Longhorn Family is so very proud of you and who you have become.