• Where do I report for testing?

    You will report to the lobby of the Grayson Technical building.  You will check in and be directed to the testing location. Please leave your phones and any “smart” devices in your car.  This includes smartwatches and other things that will be collected prior to the administration of the test. 

  • What time do I need to arrive for testing?

    Morning Exam- report to the Grayson Tech lobby at 7:00am.  If have your own transportation, you will be allowed to leave school after your morning exam. 

    Afternoon Exam- report to the Grayson Tech lobby at 11:00am.  If you have your own transportation, you do not have to come to school on exam day until 11:00 for afternoon exams. 

  • What must I bring with me to take the exam?

    You must have a valid ID, which includes your legal name and picture, in order to check in.  If you do not have an ID we will need to look you up in our school system.  Also bring pencil, pen and calculator if your exam permits; please see below for calculator use policy. 

  • What do I do when the exam is finished and I am dismissed?

    Once time has expired for your exam you will exit the testing room.  If you have a ride, you may go home.  If you remain at school, you are required to report to your next class.  If you go home, you are excused from school for the entire school day but must make up any work missed. 

  • Am I excused for the entire school day?

    Yes, but you are required to make up any worked missed.  If you do not plan to return to class following your exam you must leave Grayson High School property immediately after the exam. 

  • Can I bring my phone or another electronic device with me?

    No, you may NOT have any electronic or smart devices in the testing room, which includes watches.  Please leave your devices at home or in your car.  If you arrive with a device, it will be collected before you enter the testing room and returned after the exam has been completed. The testing time will be displayed on a screen in the testing location.

  • Can I have snack or water during the test?

    Yes, you may bring a snack/drink but it can only be accessed during the break.  If you bring a snack, you may leave it at the front of the room.  You may not have anything at your seat.  You will not be allowed to enter any bags during break time. 

  • What type(s) of writing utensils do I need?

    You will need a pen and pencil during testing.  Yes, you can use a mechanical pencil.

  • What calculator restrictions may my AP exam have?

    Students are allowed to use a calculator for the following exams.  See specific restrictions per exam listed below.

    It is the student’s responsibility to:

    • bring the appropriate calculator on exam day
    • check the features that are required or not permitted
    • check the batteries in the calculator (fresh batteries are recommended)
    • For more detailed information on the use of calculators, please visit College Board AP Exam Calculator Policy




    • Four function with square root
    • Scientific (non-graphing)
    • Graphing calculator


    • Graphing calculator required
    • NOT ALLOWED: Non-graphing and other types of calculators are prohibited.


    • Scientific (non-graphing)
    • Graphing calculator


    • Four function
    • Scientific (non-graphing)
    • Graphing calculator


    • Graphing calculator with statistical capabilities
    • Scientific (non-graphing) if the calculator has the required statistics computations capabilities described in the AP Statistics Course Description.  


  • Do I have to report my scores to colleges?

    No.  You will be able to send scores to colleges by bubbling on the pre-administration materials the day of the exam.

  • What happens if I choose not to take the exam after already paying to take it?

    There are no refunds.  Only for the 20-21 administration, the college board is waiving the cancellation fee.  Students opting not to take the exam should notify Dr. Rhine via email so he can cancel the exam.

  • What happens if I get sick during the exam or start the exam and cannot continue?

    You will be able to take the exam during the late testing period.   

  • What happens if I miss the exam?

    If you miss the first administration of your exam due to COVID-related reasons, we will accommodate your test administration during the second or third administration windows.

    If you opt for a digital exam and miss your exam administration, you will need to contact the CollegeBoard directly for potential makeup opportunities.

  • What do I need to know if I opt-in for a digital exam?

    Reference the AP Digital Testing Guide on the College Board website.

  • Will Grayson High School host students who opt-in for a digital exam?

    Students who need to take the digital exam at Grayson High School should email Dr. Rhine at Seth.Rhine@gcpsk12.org to schedule the exam.

  • Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

    If you have any further questions please see Dr. Seth Rhine during lunch in the commons.  You can also email him at Seth.Rhine@gcps.org.