• Art Club

    ART CLUB - Aimee Burgamy
    Mission Statement: Students will have a chance to explore different mediums, techniques, and tools while using their artistic abilities to create Art for themselves and the community.

    Description of Activities: The art club is now an official member of the National Art Honor Society--giving our student members a chance to participate in exhibitions and contests, and receive art and academic recognition nationally! The meetings will remain pretty much the same as the art club you know and love. Students will have a chance to explore different media, techniques, and tools while using their artistic abilities to create art for themselves, the community, and fundraisers.

    There is a $20 fee to join; $15 covers the cost of supplies and $5 pays your dues to the national organization. Eighth graders who attend 80 % of the meetings will graduate to NAHS at the 8th grade end-of-year awards ceremony.

    Visit this Google Form for detailed information on meeting dates and projects! Sign-up will begin in mid-September on My Payments Plus. Space is limited, so please check back in September! 

    Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 8:15 a.m.

  • Band

    BAND Program - Director of Bands Gino Fitzpatrick

    Mission Statement: To provide students with an opportunity to learn and perform a band instrument in different styles and genres of music from all over the world through the performing arts. The band class includes all band instruments for 6th, 7th, and 8th. Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone/euphonium, tuba and percussion.

    Description of Band Ensemble Activities: 6th Grade Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band: These ensembles perform Fall and Spring concerts and are required for all students who are enrolled in their assigned ensembles. 

    Jazz Band Ensemble: This is a club that meets before school and consists of eligible students who play trumpet, saxophone, trombone, drum set, piano, guitar, string, and/or electric bass. Students must audition to be a member of the Jazz Band ensemble.  

  • Basketball - Boys

    Coaches: Chandon Mitchell, Josh Parrish

    Students will learn the rules and techniques of basketball, as well as valuable teamwork skills and good sportsmanship. Tryouts are held in October. Practices are held daily. Games are played on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings from the months of October – March.

  • Basketball - Girls

    Coaches: Kimberly Kelly, Kendall Jordan

    Students will learn the rules and techniques of basketball, as well as valuable teamwork skills and good sportsmanship. Tryouts are held in October. Practices are held daily. Games are played on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings during the months of October – March.

  • Cheerleading

    Students will learn cheerleading techniques and teamwork skills as they promote school spirit and cheer at all basketball games, held Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings August – March. Tryouts held in late August. Practices held daily.

    Coaches: Emily Sikes

  • Chess Club


    Sponsor: Tammy Harry

    Mission Statement: The mission of the HMS Chess Club is to provide a positive atmosphere where our students can build logistical and strategic planning strategies through the application of problem-solving skills and socialization in game-play.

    Description of Activities: Typical Chess Club meetings involve members participating in one-on-one game play. Damir Studen, the 2009 and 2013 Georgia Chess Champion, teaches chess-playing skills the first thirty minutes of the hour and allows students to play chess the last thirty minutes, while he advises students. Cost: $180.

  • Coding Club

    Welcome to the Coding Club, where aspiring engineers and computer lovers alike can come together to socialize and learn how to code. Members of the Coding Club will learn about computer programming and develop foundational coding skills that can be transferred to other languages. 

    Sponsor: Inza Kendall

  • Dance Team

    Students learn dance techniques as they perform at Hull's home basketball games. Tryouts held in September.

    Sponsor: Cindella Attucks

  • Debate Team

    The Hull Middle School Debate Team will be hosted by the officers and leaders of the Peachtree Ridge Chapter of Ridge Rhetoric Speech and Debate Team. 
    We will be teaching the fundamentals of various forms of speech and debate, allowing kids to gain enhanced public speaking, argumentation, and research skills. 
    We will be meeting the second Thursday of every month at 4:15 in Ms. Stewart’s room. Meetings will last approximately one hour and will end around 5:15. 
    On meeting days, you will need to organize your own transportation.
    Sponsor: Amy Stewart

  • Green Team

    GREEN TEAM-David Schoenrock & Margaret Baggett

    Mission Statement: Green Team is Hull's environmental club. Our mission is to educate students about environmental issues and promote school and community involvement.

    Description of Activities: HMS Green Team is open to all students and all grade levels. Our main activities are running the school recycling program and maintaining the HMS garden. We also conduct school and community clean-up and beautification and other environmental projects.

  • Honors Orchestra

    HONORS ORCHESTRAAmanda McClellan    

    Mission Statement: It is the mission of Hull Middle School Honor Orchestra to have students learn basic through intermediate techniques of playing string instrument as well as playing in an ensemble. We want to teach students to appreciate the value of quality music in society as well as develop qualities of leadership, citizenship, and pride in their performance ultimately resulting in an orchestra of young professionals.

    Description of Activities: Hull Middle School Honor Orchestra is an ensemble made up  of students in grades 6-8. It meets on Thursday morning from 8:00 until 9:00AM. Students audition for placement (auditions were held in late August). The honor orchestra performs three times a year at school, once in December, once in March, and once in May.
    Meetings: Thursday mornings from 8:00 until 9:00AM- Orchestra Room

  • Intramurals

    Intramurals - Craig Deep, Frankie Shelnutt

    Mission Statement -  Provide physical activity and skills training in volleyball, and basketball.

    Description of Activities - Monday - Wednesday: Basketball, Thursday: Volleyball from 7:30-8:45am

    6th Grade: Monday

    7th Grade: Tuesday

    8th Grade: Wednesday

    All Grades: Thursday

    Permission Form

  • Jazz Band

    Jazz band  is a musical ensemble that plays jazz music. Jazz band is usually made up of a rhythm section and a horn section.

    Sponsor: Gino Fitzpatrick

  • Peer Leader

    A Peer Leader is a positive role model for peers that helps create a safe, respectful, and welcoming school environment. Peer Leaders support all students.

    Peer Leaders support students and staff. 

    Applications will be available to current 7th graders in April.

    Sponsor: Erin Sprinkle

  • Readers Rally

    READERS RALLYCarol Bates
    Mission Statement: To encourage literacy and the joy of reading through fellowship and friendly competition.

    Description of Activities: Read the ten books on the Readers Rally list, write questions about them, and participate in the county-wide competition in the spring.
    Meetings: Tuesday mornings at 8:15. Media Center.

  • Student Leadership Club

    This dynamic experience allows attendees to learn from world-class thought leaders in creative and participatory environments. SLU teaches each student practical and relational life skills to change the way they think, dream and lead. This program provides students with a 15-20 year head start on their leadership journey. This semester students will learn:

    • Rules and tools of leadership…
    • The central process of leadership…
    • How to overcome mediocrity…
    • How to rise above obstacles…
    • What leadership is NOT…
    • How to leverage influence…
    • Forward thinking…
    • How to dream…

  • Video Editing Club

    Mission Statement: Tell stories that promote activities and connect the Hull Middle School Community through the use of video.

    Sponsor: Kanish Sherman & Joe Herbert

  • Wyldlife

    No sign up or registration required.
     Meetings every 2 weeks in the chorus room from 8-8:45am are led by the leaders from the church.
    September 15th & 29th
    October 13th & 27th
    November 10th
    December 1st & 15th
    Sponsor: Dionne Byrd