• Open House

  • We look forward to welcoming you and your student to RMS for the 2024-2025 school year!

    We can't wait to see you at Open House!

  • Open House Date & Times

    Thursday, August 1st 2024

    *6th Grade 11:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m.

    *7th Grade 1:00 p.m.—2:30 p.m.

    *8th Grade 2:30 p.m.—4:00 p.m.

     For more information, call: 770-995-7133

    The first day of school is Monday, August 5th.

  • Open House Forms

    All Open House forms (Clinic card, GCPS & RMS Handbook, etc.) will be available on My Payments Plus after July 16th.

    To access your student's Open House forms, please click here to go to MyPaymentsPlus.

    If you have not yet created a My Payments Plus account or need help with My Payments plus, please click here for GCPS help documents: My Payments Plus Help Documents.

  • Free & Reduced Lunch Application

    In order to maintain Free and Reduced Price eligibility, all parents are encouraged to fill out a new application for the current school year after July 16th.

    Please click here to complete your Free and Reduced Price Application after July 16th.

    • One application per household - Be sure to list everyone that lives under the same roof.  Eligibility is determined by the household size to income ratio.
    • Once approved, eligibility is good for the entire school year.  There is no reason to submit more than one application unless there is a change in household size or income.

    Parents are encouraged to check the status of their application and print proof of benefits (aka proof of eligibility) letters:

    Please click here to check the status of your application.

    See below for benefits of applying for Free and Reduced Lunch:

    English - 5 Reasons to Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch.

    Spanish - 5 Reasons to Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch.

  • ParentVue (formerly Parent Portal)

    Do you have access to your ParentVue (formerly called Parent Portal) to keep tabs on your student? Click here to sign up for ParentVue!

  • ParentSquare

    Beginning July 18, 2023, district and school information will now be sent to your computer or phone via email and/or text via ParentSquare. For even more convenience, download the ParentSquare app (available for free for iOS and Android devices).  

    For more info about ParentSquare, please see the GCPS ParentSquare Page or call (770) 995-7133 for assistance.

  • Student Registration

    If you are new to Gwinnett County or the Discovery cluster, please visit our Registration page.

    If you are a rising 6th grader from Alford, Baggett, Benefield or Cedar Hill, you do not need to register.

    If you attended RMS last year, you do not need to register.

  • Supply Lists

    Please click here to access our supply lists.