Literati Book Fair



    Uncover your next favorite read on November 13th to 17th, 2023 here at Mulberry Elementary School. Every purchase supports our school! For even more fun, you can visit the fair during the November Holiday luncheon! 

    • Payment methods: We accept credit and debit cards, or book fair gift cards. 
        1. Students purchasing during the school day without a parent or guardian MUST use a gift card.
          1. Information on how to purchase a gift card can be found here:
          2. Please use the same email from last year and the balance will roll over (if applicable).
        2. Teachers, parents, and guardians can use a credit or debit card.  I will not accept credit or debit cards from students.
    • Online fair: Can’t make the fair? No worries! Shop for exciting new books online at, and create student wish lists to share with friends and family. When you search for our school, double-check that you have the right city and state. 
    • Book fair gift cards: Gift cards are an easy payment method that won’t get lost in a backpack. Buy them online for use at both our in-person and online fairs.
      We can’t wait for our students to experience our upcoming book fair! Thank you for helping to inspire a lifelong love of reading.