• Final Exam Information

    Cumulative exams will be given the final days of each semester. We ask that you avoid scheduling appointments during the final days of the semester because of review for and the administration of final exams.

    Exams will not be given early. Students will not be permitted to check out during an exam period. If a student misses an exam due to an excused reason, the exam can be taken on the announced make-up day. Students may not use pre-arranged absences on exam days.

    Final Exam Exemption:

    Exam exemption applies only to second semester graduating seniors. Exam exemption does NOT apply to state end-of-course exams. In order to exempt a final exam, graduating seniors must meet the following criteria:

    • Seniors will be able to exempt multiple choice final exams, provided they have met the requirements. There are two scenarios:
      • All seniors who earned Honor Graduate status at the end of 1st semester (cumulative GPA of at least 90%) are eligible to exempt all of their final exams.
      • Any other senior who earns a grade of 90% in any class (without 10 pts for AP class) can exempt the multiple choice final exam for that particular class.  NOTE:  The grade includes the Performance final (students cannot exempt the performance final).

    However, some students who are eligible to exempt the final exam may wish to take the exam in hopes of raising their grades.  In this situation, please note that the final exam, if taken, can not negatively impact the overall average.