• Does Gwinnett Online Campus provide a device for full-time students?

    Because Gwinnett Online Campus is a school of choice, we do not provide devices for students.

  • How is Gwinnett Online Campus different from traditional public schools?

    Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) courses are similar to traditional courses in the following ways: there are lessons, homework, due dates, class discussions, tests, scheduled online CLASS time (live class time), and teachers available to students throughout the duration of the course. The difference is that these activities are web-based and students may complete course work during the time of day that best fits their schedules, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Students are required to log in to class daily and will need a computer and reliable internet access in order to complete their online course work.

  • Are there required face-to-face meetings or classes?

    At the beginning of the semester, all students will be expected to attend an orientation to discuss the unique learning experience at Gwinnett Online Campus. During this orientation, students will be taught various online tools including how to navigate Desire2Learn (D2L),how to communicate with teachers, and how to use Adobe Connect to attend CLASS.

    During the school year, students in grades 4 - 10 will be encouraged to attend face-to-face class sessions weekly. All students will also attend testing on-campus throughout the year.

    All high school science courses and the Personal Fitness (PE) course require mandatory face-to-face meetings. The teachers provide specific dates and times to the students once classes begin. This information can also be viewed on the school's website. In addition, some courses require material pickup at the beginning of the term. Finally, all District Assessments (DAs), final exams, Georgia End of Course exams (EOCs), and state and local standardized tests are administered in person at the Gwinnett Online Campus facility.

    Each online high school course will also have scheduled online CLASS time each week that students are expected to attend. CLASS schedules will be available the first day of class and are conducted using our online classroom-Adobe Connect.

    All final exam, accountability testing and retest opportunities are face-to-face at Gwinnett Online Campus.

  • Will Gwinnett Online Campus serve all students? What about students who have special needs?

    Gwinnett Online Campus is a school of choice. In order to determine the most appropriate setting, an IEP meeting must be held prior to enrolling for any students currently receiving special education services at their home school.

  • Where do face-to-face meetings take place? Is transportation provided?

    All face-to-face course requirements will be held at the Gwinnett Online Campus facility at 713 Hi Hope Road; Lawrenceville, GA 30043. Transportation is not provided.

  • What happens if my child enrolls at GOC as a full-time student and he or she does not do well in the online setting? Can he or she transfer back to his or her traditional high school?

    Gwinnett Online Campus is committed to helping its students succeed academically. If, however, a student decides that the online environment is not an appropriate educational setting, he/she can transfer back to his or her home school at any time..

  • Will full-time Gwinnett Online Campus students be required to check in everyday online?

    Students are considered present if they are actively working in each of their courses. Actively working in a course is defined by the following:

    • Maintaining a grade of 70 or above
    • Daily online activity of at least 5 hours in Brightspace if course average is below a 70

  • Will the school have counselors to advise and offer support to students?

    Yes, Gwinnett Online Campus has three counselors on staff who will serve as the students’ academic advisor. Gwinnett Online Campus is dedicated to helping each of our students to be successful.

  • Can full-time students in Gwinnett Online Campus be enrolled in another GCPS school?

    Gwinnett Online Campus students can be concurrently enrolled in Maxwell High School of Technology or the technical education program at Grayson High as part of the student’s coursework toward a diploma. A student would be expected to attend one of the two locations for half a day and take the remainder of his or her coursework online.

  • Will students be restricted to the classes they can take in their grade level or will they be able to take upper level classes– Move on When Ready (MOWR)?

    Students may take an extra course during each semester or summer session on a tuition basis. It is recommended that students work closely with their counselor before signing up to take additional courses.

  • Will fine arts classes, technical education, and other electives be available?

    Gwinnett Online Campus offers many career and technical education, foreign language, and other academic electives. Please see gwinnettonlinecampus.com for a complete listing of courses offered to full-time students. In addition, Gwinnett Online Campus students will have the opportunity to participate in Maxwell High School of Technology and the Grayson High School Technical Education Program.

  • Can a student attend the online school and graduate early?

    Students may take advantage of the opportunity to take additional classes on a tuition basis each semester and in summer school. It is possible for students to graduate early if they have met all graduation requirements prior to their scheduled graduation date.

  • Can a student participate in Dual Enrollment? Is Move on When Ready (MOWR) an Option?

    Gwinnett Online Campus offers the opportunity for students to take courses at local area colleges. This program, Move On When Ready, is a dual enrollment program for students to attend a post-secondary institution to receive high school credit and college credit simultaneously while attending college classes on the college campus.

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