Gifted Information

  • Gwinnett County Public Schools 
    Gifted Standards and Advanced Extensions FOCUS Teacher
    Allan Gehrisch - Send me an email


  • Autonomous Learner:

    • Develop self-directed, independent learning skills
    • Select appropriate procedures and topics
    • Use traditional research skills
    • Expand technological research skills
    • Use information from a variety of sources


    • Categorize, classify, outline, or web interrelated concepts
    • Create analogies
    • Use deductive reasoning
    • Hypothesize
    • Make inferences
    • Make predictions


    • Analyze leadership characteristics
    • Develop interpersonal skills
    • Demonstrate leadership through use of task persistence
    • Demonstrate independence, self-confidence, responsibility, self-
      motivation and task commitment
  • Research: 

    Demonstrate an ability to access a wide variety of sources of information


    • Fluency
    • Flexibility 
    • Originality 
    • Elaboration

    Thinking Skills:

    • Conceptualize complex and abstract ideas
    • Identify ideas behind actions and facts
    • Identify common attributes, interrelate categories or classify by attributes thinking analytically
    • Communicate ideas effectively
    • Listen and respond effectively
    • Express ideas with clarity, logic, accuracy, and persuasion

    Problem Solving:

    • Demonstrate thoroughness and proficiency in applying steps of the problem solving process to investigate more complex problems than
      their chronological age peers Recognize and state clearly a problem 
    • Analyze a larger problem to identify its sub-problems
    • Identify cause and effect
    • Collect and interpret appropriate data
    • Develop, implement and evaluate a plan of action