• Car Rider Information

    Attention Morning Car Rider families:

    Below are a few reminders that will help make morning drop-off safe and efficient.

    • To access the car rider area, use the driveway off of West Price Rd.
    • Drop off takes place between 8:55 AM and 9:20 AM. Students should remain in their cars until the doors open.
    • Please do not unload while still in the line in the parking lot; make sure your car has reached the concrete sidewalk area before unloading.
    • Please encourage your child to have all belongings in hand and ready to exit the vehicle quickly. Even small delays add up and slow down the line.
    • Once your vehicle arrives at the curb, please pull all the way up to the car in front of you before stopping to unload. (It’s ok to block the crossing walks during drop-off time.)
    • If you are first in the line of a “wave of cars,” please pull up all the way to the sign at the far end of the walkway. This maximizes the number of cars that can unload.
    • Please know that on rainy days, the rules still apply. It’s impossible for each student to be let out close to an entrance. Please prepare accordingly.
    • For safety reasons, the school doors are locked at 9:20 AM.
    • Students arriving after 9:20 AM need to be accompanied by a parent to the front desk to be checked in (outdoor steps are located at the Peachtree Industrial Blvd end of the parking lot).

    Attention Afternoon Car Rider Families:

    Below are a few reminders to expedite your wait in the afternoon car rider line:
    • Please talk with your child to make sure they are actively watching for your car each afternoon.  If each student is looking for their car earlier in the line and moves to the curb quickly, we can save time for all students and parents.
    • Once you have your child, please pull out to the left and exit car riders.  This allows additional cars to be able to move up and begin loading more students.


    Thank you for your support of our procedures!