• French Honor Society


  • Société Honoraire de Français / French Honor Society celebrates scholarship in the French language! Membership is by invitation only. In order to be eligible for membership, French students must have an A average in their French classes over the preceding three semesters. Members are required to participate in 10 hours of French-related activities per year. The initiation ceremony is typically held during Spring Semester. Members enrolled in French during their senior year wear a tricolor cord for graduation.

    Membership Requirements: To be eligible, students must be in French III or above, and they must have earned an A over the preceding 3 semesters. Members must keep an A average in order to remain a member in good standing.

    Faculty Sponsor:  Christy Belbey

    Sponsor Contact: christy.belbey@gcpsk12.org

    Meeting Location: 1.355

    Club Dues: $20 payable at the time of induction

    Awards: Active members are eligible for the SHF Travel Award from the national Société Honoraire de Français. This award is for students traveling on a DHS trip abroad to a francophone country (France or Québec). The sponsor will contact eligible students who are current SHF members AND registered for the current DHS trip abroad.