• Parkview Local Summer School

  • Location

    Parkview Summer School will be held in the H Building.

    Many parts of the school (including gyms, cafeteria, main entrance area) will be in use for other events, so students will be required to remain in the H Building throughout the day. 

  • Dates and Times

    Classes will meet on weekdays from June 12 through July 6.
    There will no classes on Monday, June 19, or Tuesday, July 4.

    First Period: 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    Second Period: 11:30 AM - 3:30 AM

    Students scheduled for the entire day are not permitted to leave campus between periods.

  • Course, Fees, and Registration


    These courses are offered at NO COST to students who have previously taken the class but did not earn a credit:

    • Algebra II, Semester 1
    • Algebra II, Semester 2
    • Geometry, Semester 1
    • Geometry, Semester 2
    • 10th Grade Lit & Comp, Semester 1
    • 10th Grade Lit & Comp, Semester 2

    These courses are full; please contact the Parkview Community School to be added to the waiting list:

    Phone: 770-806-3796
    Email: Parkview.Community.School@gcpsk12.org

    • Algebra I, Semester 1 
    • Algebra I, Semester 2


    Parents & guardians may register for the NO COST courses at this link through Thursday, June 1.

    Health and Personal Fitness will be offered through the Parkview Community School at $250 per class, but those courses will be online/virtual only. They will not meet at Parkview High School. Information about those courses can be found on the Parkview Community School page.

    If you have questions, contact the Parkview Community School office at 770-806-3796 or Parkview.Community.School@gcpsk12.org.


    Once a student attends one day of Parkview Summer School, no refunds will be approved. No refunds are approved for students withdrawn for attendance or discipline issues. Refunds are granted in full if a class is canceled. In that case, parents may request a refund by contacting the Community School office.

  • Attendance

    Parkview Summer School is in session from Monday, June 12, to Thursday, July 6. Because of the length of the class (four hours) and the shortness of the summer school semester (17 days), students are required to attend class for a minimum of 16 days.

    A student may miss no more than one day of summer school. On the second absence or a combination of absences and tardies equaling two absences, the student will be withdrawn from the class with no refund.

    There are no exceptions to this policy. If the student and parent know that the student cannot meet this attendance requirement, the student and parent should consider another summer school format, such as Gwinnett Online Campus.


    There are no excused absences for summer school. All absences count including, but not limited to: illness, medical emergencies, death in the family, or vacation.  Summer School will follow the GCPS COVID protocol.

    Tardy Policy

    Tardiness affects learning and is disruptive to the class. See the consequences below:

    Late to class (after the bell rings, in the first 30 minutes) = 1 tardy

    3 tardies = 1 absence

    Late to class (more than 30 minutes) = 1 absence

    2 absences = Withdrawal from summer school (no refund)

  • Conduct, Dress Code. and Electronic Devices

    Classroom disruptions or disregard of directions of the teacher or administrators will NOT be tolerated. Consequences are at the discretion of the administrators and may include a warning, suspension, expulsion from summer school and/or a county disciplinary hearing.

    Dress Code
    The wearing of, or absence of, any clothing which is considered a distraction to the learning process and any clothing with offensive words and/or design and/or advertising of drugs or alcoholic beverages will NOT be allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times.

    Electronic Devices

    Students should bring their fully-charged Parkview-issued Chromebooks to class each day.
    Cell phones and other personal devices MAY NOT be out/used in classes. Phones are available in the H Building office for emergency use.

    Upon request of a staff member, the student is immediately to turn off and put away the electronic item in his/her book bag, pocket, or purse. A referral may be sent to the summer school office. Referral consequences can include suspension for a day of classes, which would count as an absence for attendance purposes.

    Students should not bring expensive electronic devices to school. Students are ultimately responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of their personal property.

  • Food and Beverages

    Because most of the campus will be utilized by Trickum Middle School's SEA program, Parkview Summer School will not be able to use the Cafeteria/Commons Area.

    Local vendors will be selling meal items for summer school students during the half-hour lunch break. Students also may bring their lunch from home. 

    Vending of food or beverages during other breaks may be available in H Building; still, students are permitted to bring items from home. 

    Students on campus for both 1st and 2nd period classes may not leave campus between classes for any reason. Leaving campus will result in a one-day suspension (an absence for attendance purposes). 

    Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner within hallways and eating areas. Breaking in line, throwing food or objects, leaving trays or trash, standing on tables or chairs, or making loud noises are not acceptable. It is the responsibility of each student to clean up their during lunch. Trash cans will be provided for this purpose. If a student shuns this responsibility, then consequences will be assigned.

    For safety reasons, glass containers or bottles are not allowed. Damage done to carpet, furniture, or equipment as a result of this food/drink will be the responsibility of the student(s) bringing this food into a classroom. Clean up or restitution of damaged items may be required.

  • Parking

    • Any student who wishes to drive and park during Parkview Summer School must provide the Summer Site Principal with a copy of his/her driver's license and proof of insurance on the first day of the summer session.
    • Students may park in the STADIUM parking lot only.
    • When students arrive at school, they must leave their vehicle and go directly to H Building.
    • Students may not return to the parking lot until they are leaving campus for the day, unless an administrator grants permission.
    • Students should not arrive before 6:45 a.m. and should leave campus no later than 10 minutes after their last class.

  • Grading, Transcripts, and Graduates

    High School Summer School teachers will use various learning activities to assess knowledge of a subject, such as daily participation, quizzes, tests, and projects to name a few. Parents should review the syllabus for each course for the grading procedure for each specific course.

    The grading scale is as follows:

    A = 90-100
    B = 80-89
    C = 70-79
    F = 0-69

    Progress Reports and Transcripts
    Parents are encouraged to email or call to maintain communication with the teachers and to monitor student grades. The Parent Portal is available during the summer session. 

    Progress reports will be issued via email on Thursday, June 22.

    Updated transcripts will be uploaded to the Documents section of Parent VUE and StudentVUE shortly after the end of the session.

    Final Exams
    Objective final exams will be given to all students. These comprehensive exams are GCPS exams. Final exams count 20% of the final grade.

    There are NO exemptions for finals. There will be no performance exam during summer school. Teachers may NOT excuse students from exams and may NOT give exams early. Students who cheat on the final exam will be given an alternate exam to take with a zero averaged into the grade. Parents will be called any time a student cheats.

    Students taking Algebra I, Semester 2, will take the End of Course Exam during the last week of June (actual date TBA).

    Any student who believes that these summer offerings may enable them to be eligible to graduate after the session MUST NOTIFY Ms. Braddy, Summer Site Principal, on the first day of classes.

  • Clinic / Health Management Plans

    There are no clinic workers available during the summer session. The H Building office will have some adhesive bandages for minor scrapes or cuts.

    If a student has a current medical problem, a completed health management plan should be submitted to the site summer school office. Click here to see a list of forms available upon request from the school.