• Parent Forms  

  • Parent Forms: Here are a few forms that are useful to parents. Completed forms should be returned to the front office.

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  • Absence Excuse

    If your student has been absent, please be sure to complete and return the following Absence Excuse form. 

    Absence Excuse Form (English)

    Absence Excuse Form (Spanish)

  • Parent Classroom Observations

    It is important for parents to understand how their students are performing in class.  Occasionally, full understanding only comes through a classroom visit.  Parents are allowed to visit their student's classrooms by following these four rules.
    1. Parents must request (by completing an observation form in writing) to observe their child’s classroom at least two days in advance.  
    2. Classroom observations are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per teacher, per visit.  
    3. Parents may only observe classrooms while their child is in attendance in that class. 
    4. To protect the privacy of all students, no pictures, video, or audio recordings should be taken during the classroom observation.   


    Parent Classroom Observation Form - English

    Parent Classroom Observation Form - Spanish