• The club designs, builds, and competes with a new robot each year based on the challenge unveiled by FIRST in January. We compete in at least 2 regional (Georgia) competitions in the spring, hopefully qualifying for state and then international finals. The fall is for team building and fund raising, while the spring is the competition season. The target team size is about 25-30 members.

    Membership Requirements: $30 fee to any student interested in joining robotics

    Club Sponsors and Contacts: Justin Harris, justin.harris@gcpsk12.org, and Alan Cummings, alan.cummings@gcpsk12.org

    Club President: TBD

    Meeting Days and Times: TBD

    Room #: 1.331


  • 2022 Season Highlights

    For a first year ("Rookie") team, Dacula performed quite well in their robotics competitions. All teams in the state choose 2 competitions out of the 4 offered for the season. Points are accumulated for various things throughout each competition. We chose the second and third competitions. Below are the summaries of how we did in each competition. 

    Competition #2 - Columbus, GA   3/17 - 3/19

    • Qualified 24 out of 25
    • Finished 15th out of 25 teams based on points awarded throughout the event
    • Received "Rookie All-Star Award" for the team's ability to dial everything in as the event progressed (highest Rookie award). Only 3 of these were given in GA this season.

    Competition #3 - Carrollton, GA  3/24 - 3/26

    • Qualified 22nd out of 38 teams
    • Finished 25th out of 38 based on points for the event 
    • Received "Rookie Inspiration Award" for the team performing well despite there only being 2 members

    Our final standing in the state after all the regional events was 28th out of 67 total. 

    The top 32 teams qualified to go to the state championship.

    The Rookie All Star award qualified us to attend the state championship and be in the running for the State Rookie All Star award.


    GCPS Team Rankings after State:

    1. North Gwinnett

    5. Peachtree Ridge

    12. Lanier

    25. Mill Creek

    33. Dacula

    40. Grayson

    41. Mountain View

    47. Duluth

    67. Meadowcreek



    Payton Walker 11 

    Christian Ramirez 10 

    Damiah Denson 12 

    Danielle Denson 12

    Cheickh Sylla 10 

    Chase Watkins 12 

    Isaac Abraham 11

    Yakob Abraham 9