• Welcome to the Family Center

    Mrs. Consuelo Garcia
    Parent Instructional Coordinator
    (770) 246-5341

  • The Family Center is . . .
    a place . . .

    To inform parents about school programs that help students meet education standards.

    To involve parents in decision making by attending a Parent Meeting 2 hours a month on behalf of their child.

    To assist parents in communicating with teachers and administrators.

    For parents to participate in workshops and trainings.

    To provide instructional strategies and educational resources for check-out to use at home.

  • GIVE West Family Center Contact and Hours


    The Family Center is located in the main building next to the Media Center.
    The Parent Instructional Coordinator (PIC), Consuelo Garcia, can be reached at (770) 246-5341.
    Parent Center Hours: 6:40 am-2:50 pm Monday - Thursday
    6:40 am- 1:30 pm Friday

    El Centro de Padres está localizado en el Edificio Principal enseguida de Media Center.
    La Coordinadora de Padres,Consuelo Garcia, puede ser contactada en el (770) 246-5341.
    Horas del Centro de Padres: 6:40 am -2:50 pm lunes- jueves
    6:40 am- 1:30 pm viernes