• Summer school courses will either conclude with a final exam or a Milestone End of Course Assessment. Final exams will be completed remotely and need to adhere to the guidelines below. Milestone End of Course Assessments will take place in 4 classes.
    The following second semester courses will participate in the Milestones:
    • 11th Grade American Literature & Composition - Part 1 Monday, June 24
    • 11th Grade American Literature & Composition - Parts 2 & 3 Tuesday, June 25
    • Algebra C&C - Parts 1 & 2 Wednesday, June 26
    • U.S. History - Parts 1 & 2 Thursday, June 27
    • Biology - Parts 1 &2 Friday, June 28
    The Milestone End of Course assessments must be completed in-person at Gwinnett Online Campus at 713 Hi-Hope Road Lawrenceville, GA. 
    Final Exam Testing: 

       Final exams will be completed remotely on June 25 & 26th.

    • It is recommended that students complete their assessments on their GCPS issued computers.
    • These are timed tests. Students will have 65 minutes to complete the assessment. At the end of the time, if a student has not finished the test, it will force the submission. Since this is a timed test, make sure you have secure internet before you begin your test.
    • Students will access the test through a link on their course homepage.
    • Students can gather formula sheets, approved resources, and view the time under the “Quiz Information” on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Zeros will be entered into the grade book the day after the assessment has been assigned if the student does not take the assessment.
    • Students do not have access to the GCPS portal outside of the United States. 
    • All final exams must be completed during the summer school session and on the dates listed. 
    • There is a student acknowledgment statement that is expected to be adhered to during testing.
    • If there is an emergency during testing, please email immediately.

    Milestone Testing:

    Students MUST have a GCPS Chromebook or GCPS Laptop to complete MilestoneTesting.  

    Students will need to arrive promptly during the drop-off times listed in the schedule below. Students will not be allowed into the building for testing after the drop-off time. Students may not enter the testing room for Milestones after testing has begun. Students must remain in the testing room until the state time limit has been reached and all materials have been accounted for. The 11th Grade American Lit assessment is a 2-day test (you must come both days to receive a score.) Check your GCPS email account for more details. 

    **Students who are enrolled in non-EOC courses, non-EOC credit recovery courses, health or personal fitness courses will be completing their final exams remotely. 

    Summer Milestone Calendar