• Mr. Green
  • Meet Our Principal

    Mitch Green is honored to have been appointed the 2nd Principal of Baggett Elementary following the retirement of Dr. Charlotte Sadler in June of 2020.  Mr. Green served Gwinnett County Public Schools from 1997 until 2014 in multiple roles including as a special education teacher, a general education math and science teacher, and as an assistant principal at both the elementary and middle school levels.  Mr. Green is a graduate of Gwinnett County Public School’s Aspiring Principal Program.  In 2014, Mr. Green transitioned to a neighboring district where he served as the 5th principal in 50 years at Henderson Mill Elementary School.  During his tenure, Henderson Mill was recognized as the first STEAM-certified school in the State of Georgia.  Mr. Green was also recognized in 2017 by the Atlanta Families Award for Excellence in Education, now the Teach on Project, for his quality leadership.  Always looking for new learning opportunities, Mr. Green served from 2018-2020 as the Director of Language and Learning Services for Academia Cotopaxi, and American International School in Quito, Ecuador.  Outside of school, Mr. Green enjoys spending time with his family, his loving wife, Nancy, and his two children, Lily and Nathan.  Mr. Green loves to see the world, to cook, to hike in the woods beside a raging river, and to play the piano and sing.  He is proud to serve as your principal and committed to the mission and vision of Baggett Elementary School while building quality relationships, establishing meaningful collaboration, and ensuring engaged learning for all.